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Herbal Medicine
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Exclusive Services

Chinese medicine doctors offer a distinct approach to diagnosing and treating illnesses compared to Western medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has proven effective in alleviating various pains and chronic conditions. Integrating Chinese and Western medicine options supports comprehensive health care.

Our services include acupuncture, herbal medicine, moxibustion, and cupping, time-honored practices that foster holistic wellness and healing.

Common conditions we address include:

  • Insomnia, stress, and anxiety

  • Menopause, menstrual disorders, and fertility support

  • Post-surgery and chemotherapy recovery

  • Digestive issues such as IBS

  • Male reproductive health and sexual dysfunction

  • Respiratory conditions like chronic cough and asthma


Discover the benefits of combining Chinese and Western medicine for your health needs.


Acupuncture, based on the channel theory of traditional Chinese medicine (meridians), connects all body parts to regulate nutrient transport, organ function, and immune response against pathogens.

Professional diagnosis guides the selection and stimulation of acupoints using acupuncture needles, crucial for treatment effectiveness. These acupoints are standardised by the World Health Organisation.


For chronic and internal conditions, combining acupuncture with Chinese herbal medicine enhances treatment efficacy.


Chinese Herbal Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) boasts a history of over 2,500 years and primarily uses natural plants and minerals. All medicines in our clinic meet Australian Government Therapeutic Goods Administration standards for quality and safety, prescribed only by registered AHPRA Chinese medicine practitioners.


Our doctor prescribes tailored herbal medicines following a thorough TCM consultation to address your specific health needs.


Cupping and Moxibustion Therapy

Cupping and moxibustion are traditional Chinese therapies that enhance blood circulation and alleviate pain by stimulating acupuncture points.

At our clinic, cupping and moxibustion are employed to provide personalised care and optimise treatment outcomes for each patient's unique health requirements.

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